These Terms and Conditions will be applicable to all footwear and other goods delivered by the Consignor named above (“you”) to and accepted by HypeUp Dubai (“we”, “us” or “our”) for sale on consignment online. 

Consignment Acceptance Process and Rejections:

If you desire to consign Goods with us for sale through our website, the following procedures must be followed, in order:

  1. You must provide us with a request, specifying the brand, model, size, quantity, and any relevant price-related information regarding such products that you would like to consign to us. This request can be done by sending a request to 
  2. We will then evaluate the Consignment Request, and select which goods we will accept for consignment. A confirmation will then be sent to you stating which of the Goods from your Consignment Request we will accept, as well as the minimum sales price and our commission rate with respect to each of such Goods. 
  3. All consignment items need to be stored with us, while you will still retain the legal ownership of it until it’s sold online. You can decide whether you wish to deliver the goods in person or you want us to pick up the goods from your location at your expense.    
  4. We will then use our website or social media platforms to sell the products accepted for consignment.


 Ownership Representations:

You guarantee to us that you are the legitimate and legal owner of all the products which you consign to us and that you have the full legal right to offer and sell the products. You further assure us that all products which you deliver to us will be authentic. If a product turns out to be unauthentic, you will be banned from consigning with HypeUp Dubai in the future. 

Proceeds of Sales:

If and when the product is sold, and when the money from the sale of the product is received, such proceeds will be applied (1)  to pay to us our commission of 15%.  (2) the money from the sale - 15%  will be paid to you. We will then notify you when you (the consignor) can pick up the cash, upon your presentation of any governmental identification. We may also require you to sign a declaration confirming your receipt of the amounts that we are then paying to you.

Withdrawal of Products:

  1. If you at any time want to withdraw the products which have not yet been sold, before 7 days of the products being delivered to us. You will be charged with an early withdrawal fee equal to 30 AED per item.

If you wish to withdraw an item after the 7 days window, the withdrawal fee is equivalent to 20 AED per item.

  1. You will be responsible for picking up the product at which time you must present the applicable Confirmation together with your valid governmental identification. We at HypeUp Dubai have no responsibility for dropping off your goods. 




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